Your childs learning journey


Each child is on a unique learning journey, developing the skills to become resilient, confident and self assured, ready for infant school. Learning is continuous, and children can build upon all the things they have experienced, whilst discovering new and interesting challenges.


We offer an enabling environment at pre-school and because they feel relaxed, comfortable and ‘at home’ your child will feel encouraged to learn through play.  When children feel emotionally safe and secure they are able to explore and find out about the place they are in, and the things they can see, touch, manoeuvre or manipulate. This allows them to develop at a pace, and in a style appropriate to them. 


Environments are not just physical spaces, they are the atmosphere created through warm, caring, positive relationships, where children are respected and valued. Childrens voices are listened to, and in these environments, with positive relationships, they thrive socially and emotionally, becoming independent and strong.


At pre-school, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The framework supports an integrated approach to learning and care for children up to the age of five. More information on the EYFS can be found at

To enable our 'Rising 5's' to gain additional confidence for starting school in September, we run a Phonics program every week during the Summer Term


Both my children have enjoyed Rooms and gained so much confidence and development through the staff. My eldest son still talks so fondly of his time at preschool and loves to wave at the teachers through the window on his way to school.

Mrs G