Our Committee


Heatherside Pre-school benefit from a supportive, volunteer committee, elected at our Annual General Meeting.


The role of the committee is to work with the Supervisors and the administrator to support the pre-school's continued success. Fundraising is key to helping provide the latest equipment for the children, with the committee organising varied events each year, such as Christmas raffle, cake sales and coffee mornings.


Parental support of these activities is encouraged, and very welcome. We are very approachable, so please share your ideas and suggestions with us.


Chairperson - Jo Griffin

Vice Chair - Sarah Arbury                                        

Fundraisers  - Sarah Arbury, Lindsey Crabtree, Jen Goddard, Sarah Bransgrove, Christine Denman, Sarah-Jane Saxton

Secretary & Web Site developer - Simon Harbour                        

Treasurer - John Curtis   

Vice Treasurer - Kate Miller                                                                         

Pre-school Patter - Jo Griffin   


Our Committee team have raised hundreds of pounds over the last year.  Christmas raffle, coffee mornings, cake, uniform and ice lolly sales, Graduation photographs and a fantastic Spring Fair.  Well done team




"Everyone on the committee is very supportive and it's amazing what can be achieved between a group of volunteers. Being part of this allows me to help where I can, whilst getting to know other local parents and feeling connected to the Heatherside community"

Committee Member



Parents are an integral part of our Pre-school and every parent is a member of our

Pre-school committee and we welcome them to take an active role.  

 heathersidepreschool@hotmail.com    Heatherside Community Centre, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 1BB

Ofsted No: 120065/ Registered Charity No: 1021400

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