Tapestry - The Online Learning Journey



To document the children's learning journey, the pre-school are using a system called Tapestry. This is developed and owned by The Foundation Stage Forum Ltd., a recognised early years organisation.


By logging on with a secure username and password, you have 24/7, online access to your child's learning journey. All of your child’s observations, often including photographs, are available to view.  Regular updates are made by your child's keyworker, referencing your child's development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), enabling you to follow your child’s progress closely and reflect upon their achievements with them. We actively encourage you to add your own observations and comments to support their learning. 


Security -


  •    The Tapestry on-line Learning Journey system is hosted on secure dedicated servers based in the UK.


  •    Access to information stored on Tapestry can only be gained by unique user id and password.


  •     Parents can only see their own child’s information and are unable to login to view other children’s           Learning Journeys.


  •     A copy of Tapestry Privacy, Security and Back-up policy is available for you on request.


Parents will be given instructions of how to access Tapestry, along with a username and a unique password, which you can change yourself. tapestryjournal.com


Heatherside Pre-School is a wonderful setting with great facilities and a very warm and caring team.  The staff are full of enthusiasm and encouragement for the children’s learning and development and make our daughter feel happy and secure.  I would highly recommend Heatherside Pre- School to anyone looking for first class childcare.

Mrs L