Enrolling your child at our pre-school is easy, and takes just a few simple steps and it is never too early!.


1.   Register your interest for your child.  (at this point you are not confirming a place, just registering your interest). This can be done as soon after birth as you wish. To do this please contact our Administrator.  We welcome you to visit our pre-school in order to get a feel for the environment and staff, however, we would suggest you do this nearer the time your child is due to start.  To arrange this please call 07511386229 or email us - heathersidepreschool@hotmail.com 


2.   We will contact you within the calendar year your child is due to start, to discuss space and session time availability.  At this point, you will need to accept or decline a space for your child.


3.   Once you accept a place at pre-school we will provide enrolment forms for you to complete and return to us, In order for you to secure a place you need to return your forms and fee to pre-school by the deadline given.


4.   Once we have received your completed forms and enrolment fee, you will be offered the opportunity for your child to come for a short visit on our 'New starters Open Morning' where they can play and to meet their keyworker and other staff members and where all your questions will be answered (although parents can leave their child to play, they must remain in the building).  Also a 'New Starters' coffee morning.

We would highly recommend Heatherside Pre-school. Both of our daughters have thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of activities and experiences offered. We have found all of the staff to be very friendly and welcoming and will always have fond memories of pre-school life

Mr and Mrs N